Chronic pain / CRPS

Pain is experienced by all of us, probably on a daily basis - it might be a simple scratch or cut to our finger or severe pain from an accident, or we might experience emotional pain if we have mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Whatever the reason for our experience of pain, it’s actually a vital tool to warn us that we may be in danger if a particular situation or behavior was to continue. Generally speaking, such pain is relatively shortlived and the pain subsides as the body heals and we are no longer in the situation that created the pain.

Chronic pain is quite different and is identified as pain that lasts at least 12 weeks. Many sufferers may experience symptoms for many months and even years after the initial trigger. As the body tries to heal, there may be inflammation around the pain source to help protect the area until it heals, but unfortunately if your body does not succeed in healing, you can also be left with permanent inflammation, making your experience of pain even more elevated.

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is also a chronic pain condition, normally affecting one limb (arm, leg, hand or foot), usually after an injury. CRPS is believed to be caused by damage to, or malfunction of, the peripheral and central nervous systems.

The effects of chronic pain can be very debilitating for the sufferer and can start to deeply affect day-to-day life, affecting mood, immune function, disturbed sleep, general motivation, restricted participation in social and physical activities, sometimes even leading to depression. Patients can start to feel isolated and alone, as people around them find it hard to understand that they are in constant pain, when there is no clear reason for the source of the pain. Many sufferers experience pain for many years, often suffering in silence as they try to function as best as they can.

Our highly qualified physicians can be trusted to give you the best care and attention and to make your chronic pain or CRPS be left in the past as we help you to move forward in your life through our revolutionary treatment process, pain-free once again.

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Why should I come to the Klarity Clinic for treating my chronic pain or CRPS?

  • We offer a revolutionary treatment known as Ketamine and NAD+ Combination Therapy, which is proven to have a very high degree of success when helping patients with chronic pain or CRPS.
  • Many of our patients come to us a last resort when they have had little or no relief from their debilitating pain when previously seen by pain management specialists or neurosurgeons.
  • The key to our success rate with patients when prescribing this treatment is in the fact that both ketamine and NAD+ have anti-inflammatory components as well as ketamine having the added property of being an analgesic, or painkiller - the perfect combination to help alleviate chronic pain and reduce long-term inflammation.
  • Also, ketamine is already known to help create new synaptic connections in the brain, giving better information to control pain better.
  • In summary, the treatment we offer really could be the key to unlocking your life to be pain-free once again.

What happens in Ketamine & NAD+ Combination Therapy?

The first step to being pain-free once again is to book in for your consultation to check your suitability for this treatment. This is normally done over the phone so that we can make a thorough assessment and give you the immediate opportunity to find out more and ask any questions you may have.

Once you accept our treatment plan, we would schedule a treatment series course of six intravenous infusions over a two-three week period.

At the end of your series of the intravenous treatments, will continue to follow up with you over the phone/text to assess the results of your treatments and develop a maintenance plan customized for you.

Who can Ketamine & NAD+ Combination Therapy help?

If you have been suffering from chronic pain and have tried other therapies with limited success, then you may wish to consider trying Ketamine & NAD+ Combination Therapy.

The most common types of chronic pain are caused by:

  • Previous injury
  • Chronic headaches (migraines)
  • Arthritis
  • Musculoskeletal irregularities
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Nerve damage
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Infections

You deserve to live a fulfilled life without pain - let us work together to help you reach your goals.

The Klarity Clinic Promise

We promise to make your safety and treatment success our top priority. Every patient will be helped with ongoing mental health support. Every patient can be assured that all our practices will be delivered ethically and with your best health and wellbeing in mind, always.

Dr. Tang & Dr. Liang

Kind Words from Happy Clients

Here's a short video testimonial featuring one of our clients. Her message, said in her own words, demonstrates how effective a treatment course with the Klarity Clinic can be and just how much her life has changed for the better... We want to help every person we can with our innovative procedures that give lasting results. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you, the same way we have helped those on our testimonials.

John C

Not only did NAD assist in the opiate detox, but it also significantly improved my CRPS pain. I was able to live in a manageable level of pain until about a year ago, when I fractured my ankle on my CRPS affected leg... My pain has been reduced from an average of 7, down to a 2, - from this treatment alone. This is a treatment I resisted 8 years ago because it sounded like "snake oil" - and too good to be true. Low and behold, when I tried, it changed my life. For all of those skeptical, do your research... The science is there, and it's allowed me a fully functional, medication free life with CRPS.

James S

Has been a great help to me the past few years with my chronic pain and ptsd. Thank you....

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We Are Here To Help

Want to know more about how we can help you? Contact us today to start the journey to your mental health recovery.

We always respect your privacy and do not share your details with anyone else.

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