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Klarity Clinic of Las Vegas was initially established in 2016, which is currently owned and operated by Dr Henry Liang. After working with Dr Liang, Dr Devin Tang founded the Klarity Clinic of Southern California.

Both of our lead clinicians are experts in their field and are widely recognised for their innovative application of scientific methods to achieve great results for their patients.

Their patient-centred approach means that every patient is assured of a bespoke treatment plan to meet their individual needs.

If you’ve tried other treatments with limited success, then we would like to help you find a lasting solution that works for you.

About Us

The Klarity Clinic Promise

We promise to make your safety and treatment success our top priority. Every patient will be helped with ongoing mental health support. Every patient can be assured that all our practices will be delivered ethically and with your best health and wellbeing in mind, always.

Dr. Tang & Dr. Liang

Kind Words from Happy Clients

Here's a short video testimonial featuring one of our clients. Her message, said in her own words, demonstrates how effective a treatment course with the Klarity Clinic can be and just how much her life has changed for the better... We want to help every person we can with our innovative procedures that give lasting results. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you, the same way we have helped those on our testimonials.

Claire, California

I can truly say that the ketamine treatment I received from Klarity Clinic has changed my life; I had given up all hope of ever thinking that I could feel so well again. For over a decade I have had to face life’s challenges and I’ve been through some very dark episodes, but these memories are starting to fade into the distance. I can’t thank Dr. Tang enough for believing in me and helping me when I was at such a low point. My eternal gratitude to you.

Dave, California

A freak accident left me with a back injury and severe pain, but it was OK, I was coping, I had my medication and I was in control...I wish I’d known what a slippery slope I was on with my meds and how I had become so dependent on them without even realizing what was happening to me. Thankfully the Klarity Clinic team have supported me and got me back to being well again without the use of any prescribed painkillers and my injury is now pain-free too. Thank you for giving me my life back!

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If you are ready to start and take the first step on the road to your recovery, we’re ready to support you.

Please click on the button to take you to our dedicated page of forms for you to choose the appropriate form for your treatment.

Your submitted information helps us to create the best treatment plan to suit your needs, specific conditions and circumstances.

Let us help you take your first step to your recovery....


Improving Your Care Journey

We want you to get the very best care possible from us, which is why we have teamed up with Osmind to give you an app to track your progress and be able to communicate between appointments.

The app allows you to stay completely in control of all your communications, medication and treatment plan details, all in one secure, central hub.

The app also makes it really easy to deal with any insurance claims.

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